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Services and Rates

Effective Jan 1, 2001
Monthly Rental on own domain $ 25/month$250/yr
  • 25 mb of space.
  • Pop3 mail boxes
  • Mail forwarded from unlimited aliases
Routine Support$ 45/month$450/yr
  • Regular backups
  • Manage log files and counters
  • Routine updates to site
Domain Registration$ 150
Internic Fees (two years)$ 70
Registration support$ 40
Setup on Server (one time)$ 40
Initial Search Engine Registration $ 75
(one time)
  • Organize keywords on main page
  • Register in appropriate directories and search engines
Routine Registration Support$ 35/month$350/year
Advanced Promotion ServicesNegotiable
  • Organizing, titles, keywords and meta tags on each page.
  • Create 'doorways' to attract appropriate clients
Other Professional Services$ 45/hour
See descriptions of services below. Packages of services and preferred customer discounts are also available

Professional Services

Professional Service hours contracted for can be used for any combination of the services listed below or other services as agreed.
Site Design: Layout the topography of the site how things will link together. Decide the focus of the site. What market will it serve? What will it offer to get browsers to visit? Will it be for public service, advertising, revenue generation, patient/staff/client support?

Page Design : Arrange text, images, background, tables, buttons, imagemaps etc to a pleasing effect. Include keywords, meta tags, comments to get the page properly indexed in search engines (indexed so it attracts the right people).

Market Research: Monitor what your competitors are doing on the WEB.  Read online newspapers to see what is happening around the world that affects your business. Buy or sell advertising space. Search for ways to promote your site. Bulk email. Filter email responses to advertisements or bulk email.

URL Placement: Find specific search engines (subject, interest, geographic) and register client's URLs in appropriate categories. Make arrangements with other business in your area to make links available to each others' sites. Set keywords and meta tags to attract quality hits from search engines.

News Group Scanning: Watch postings in relevant newsgroups for the chance to slip in a reference to the client's business and direct attention to the URL. Join appropriate mailing lists to get exposure for your web site URL. Forward important postings to the client for followup.
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