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Superior, Wisconsin; Duluth, Minnesota

  • INTERNET Support for Small Businesses

    Advertising and doing business on the Internet is essential in modern business. Creating a clever website is only the beginning. That website and the business it represents must be aggressively promoted in order not to be lost among the millions of business sites on the web.

    Mallard Systems specializes in the ongoing promotion, monitoring, and research services that are necessary to make a website an effective tool for your business.

    • Web Site Design: We can create an effective professional website for your business, as well as help you reserve your domain name and hosting space.
    • Internet Marketing, Web Site Promotion: We will register your site in appropriate directories, search engines, news groups, and FAQs and monitor the those registrations.

    • Web Site Management : Keep your company site active and vibrant so people will want to come back. Monitor visits to the website from various search engines. Make Regular Backups of your site

    • International Internet Market Research: We watch for new places to promote your business that become available on the Internet. Watch what your competition is doing. Search online news resources and usenet groups for opportunities to promote your business.


  • Database Development and Management

    • Analysis of data needs of small and growing business
    • Develop data system
    • Train staff


  • Computer Network Support and Training

    Local Area Network , Internet and Business software training support for small businesses who want their staff to use their connections more effectively.

  • Educational/Training Systems

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